Special Blend

Special Blend Collection uses the best essential oils and represents six fragrances designed and suitable for both sexes. The collection delivers harmony of notes in an unusual perfume art of layering. Mademoiselle Blend -three fragrances combine mystical floral notes and an undeniable spice bouquet that thrills senses with herbal comforting and warm seduction. Mademoiselle Blend City of Lights – Floral sweetness tempers sensuality of woody spice Fleur Rouge – Tempting floral and rich fruit accord mingled with smooth sandalwood Fontainebleau – Bouquet of roses and black current leaves Monsieur Blend - a mark of gentlemen’s club instant release of top note tobacco leaf enveloped by the character of worldly spices with the lasting essence of wood and suede. Monsieur Blend Domain – Green note reminiscent of scuffled earth after rain Grasse – Red wood warmed by refined leather Tobacco Vanille – Soft warm rich tobacco leaf and spice vanilla

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