The Story of Paradise Manor

Here at Orleans Home Fragrances, we are known for bringing the fragrances of NOLA to your home, and all of our fragrances tell a story. Our new fragrance, Paradise Manor, has a story that goes back generations. Paradise Manor is a community in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, where one of our founders, Mary, and her four sisters, were raised.

When they moved to Paradise Manor, they were one of the first families in the subdivision, and they loved it. “To us, it was a jeweled childhood growing up there. Living in Paradise Manor brought out the best of us… we were taught to love thy neighbor,” said Florence, Mary’s oldest sister.

Mary and her family loved Paradise Manor so much that they did everything they could to build tighter ties within the community. The whole family went door to door collecting pledges and donations to build the Paradise Manor Community Club. It took almost a year to collect all of the necessary donations, but in the end, Mary and her family were successful. In 1958, the PMCC was founded, the first community club in Jefferson Parish. The community club was created to make the community grow closer together, and to provide a safe place for everyone to go and for the children to play. It created even tighter ties and relationships in the community. Through those years, that tight-knit community couldn’t have been any closer.

We created our new fragrance Paradise Manor so that you could smell the rich history that inspired our new fragrance and also be transported to your paradise. With citrus notes of grapefruit, mandarin, orange, and apples followed by middle notes of black currant, ozone, and transparent florals with hints of raspberry crystals, orris, and marine, lighting a Paradise Manor candle will immediately take your cares away and have your home smelling amazing. Available in an array of products, we hope this fragrance will soon be a staple in your home! Try it today, and be sure and let us know what you think by leaving us a review!