Introducing Hand Wash and Lotion from Orleans Home Fragrances

Here at Orleans Home Fragrances, we are known for fragrances that linger. From lighting one of our three-wick, 19oz candles to spraying our room spray, when you use our products, the scent can last hours. This is not by accident- our team has spent countless hours making sure each fragrance is made to last and each product is made to do its exact purpose. 

When choosing what products to add to our collection next, hand wash and lotion have always been at the top of our list. We had also heard from hundreds of customers over the years requesting we make a hand soap and body lotion in their favorite OHF fragrances! So, in late 2019 we decided we were ready to create these products and we would start with our best-selling fragrance, Orleans No. 9. Our team has spent the last year researching, meeting, and decision-making to ultimately bring our customers the best products possible, a hand wash and lotion that would live up to the high standard of Orleans Home Fragrances.

“We wanted these products to do what they are supposed to do: the hand wash to clean hands and the lotion to moisturize skin. But we also wanted these products to be of the high-quality our other products are known for, so the process was intense,” says Andrew Gonzalez, President of Orleans Home Fragrances. “We spent countless hours testing samples and going back and forth with our developers until we got the exact products we were looking for- products we could be proud to be a part of the Orleans Home Fragrances line.”

In late February 2021, we launched our new Hand Wash and Lotions online and through our wholesale network, and the feedback has already been incredible. “Orleans is known for fragrances that last and permeate a room so that transferred into the development of the hand wash and lotion. We knew these products had to have the same quality-  the lingering fragrance that still smells good after you rinse off the soap, and lotion that is high-quality and feels really good, and not greasy,” says Andrew. “We wanted to keep Orleans’ signature staying power in these products.”

We are currently in research and development to bring other OHF fragrances to our hand wash and lotion line, as well as creating all-new fragrances for our customers. We are excited to bring new products and fragrances to our customers, while also making changes to our current offerings. In the near future, you’ll see new containers, updated packaging, and other new product launches that we hope will continue to move our brand forward while still staying true to our NOLA roots. 

For now, we hope you try our new Hand Wash and Lotion in our most popular fragrance, Orleans No. 9. With notes of Sandalwood and patchouli blended with lush white florals, warm vanilla, and musk, you’ll love the way our hand wash and lotion leave the perfect lingering fragrance on your skin!