OHF Cares 2021 Fourth Quarter Giving

2021 is over, and 2022 has begun—Can you believe it?—which means Orleans Home Fragrances has some big news to share about our OHF Cares program, which makes donations to the nonprofits YOU believe in most every quarter! Let us introduce you to All Good Studio, SOS International, and Naomi’s House, the fourth-quarter winners who couldn’t be more worthy of your support.

Founded at the start of the pandemic, All Good Studio is a nonprofit unlike any we’ve heard of before. With a mission to provide communication services, consulting, and support FOR FREE to the nonprofits who need them most, “All Good” helps all good causes, investing in other nonprofits with big visions that simply lack the budget, creative knowhow, and community to see them through. Their goal? Empower nonprofits to help more people than ever before and have fun doing it! And it appears they’re doing just that! In just the last year, this small team of creative advocates has furthered causes such as human trafficking prevention, child hunger relief, women and children’s education, single mother housing, refugee employment, orphan rescue, poverty/homelessness alleviation, bereavement care, and others in the US and throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They like to say, “Why help one good cause when we can use our talents to help them all?” and “The world doesn’t need MORE nonprofits; it needs BETTER nonprofits.”

For over 20 years, SOS International has worked to respond and meet the needs of at-risk children around the world by developing and implementing solutions that help secure and protect them. Through programs centered on four focus areas (food, water, rescue, and community development), SOS primarily addresses children’s needs in their most vulnerable years, ages 0-5, so that they have a chance at not only making it to, but thriving in, adulthood. Under the belief that “every child matters” and that there is a direct link between malnourished, impoverished children and child trafficking, the SOS staff targets these basic needs with the help of overseas, sustainable networks of care, ultimately making way for communities in which arduous labor, isolation, and other factors contributing to child mortality and exploitation are no longer needed or promoted.

Everything that Naomi’s House (NH), a Chicago-based, Gospel-centered nonprofit, does begins with this belief: Every woman who has suffered from commercial sexual exploitation deserves a new start. Through a residential program that later transitions women into independent living, NH offers hope and healing to victims from Chicagoland and beyond, providing individualized, trauma-informed care over the course of 15 months. With a desire to equip women with everything they need to get back on their feet, the organization focuses first on addressing the struggles of their heart and mind, introducing them to their true Hope, Healer, and Provider as well as their infinite worth and flawlessness in the eyes of Jesus Christ. This biblical message underpins every part of NH’s program which involves meeting physical, emotional, and practical needs via group study, life-skill training, goal-planning, job preparation, employment, education, mentorship, and therapy.

Like we said, these nonprofits are most deserving. It is through your loyalty to Orleans Home Fragrances that we are not only able to continue making the products you love, but also help these incredible organizations serve those in need, often at a larger capacity, through grants. On behalf of All Good Studio, SOS International, Naomi’s House, and our entire team, thank you so very much!

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