Our Favorite way to Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Our Favorite way to Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

For those of you who don’t know, Galentine’s Day is a day dedicated to you and your friends, so get the girls ready because on February 13th, it’s time to celebrate, and this is our favorite way!

Favorite Things Party

So what exactly is a Favorite Things Party? It’s pretty simple, and everyone will leave happy!

1. Start by setting a budget

The first thing that you and your friends need to do is set a budget. For small groups (2-5 people), we recommend a budget of $20-$30, for medium groups (5-10 people) we recommend $10 - $20, and for large groups (10+ people), we recommend everyone brings 3 gifts and you and your friends do a favorite things/white elephant gift swap! 

2. Buy your favorite things!

Once you have the budget squared away, everyone goes out and buys one gift per guest attending. Meaning if 10 guests are going to show up, your guests will bring 10 gifts to the party.

3. Make a gift exchange plan

In a standard Favorite Things Party gift exchange, everyone will go around the room explaining what they brought and why it’s one of their favorite things, and then pass one present out to every guest! These rules can be changed however you'd like. Some make it into a game similar to a white elephant party, where everyone brings only 3 gifts, and they can be swapped and stolen among each other, have fun and make it your own! No matter how you decide to play, each guest should leave with the same amount of gifts as they came with.

4. Invite your guests

Send out your invites! We created an invitation template on Canva for you! Click here!

Galentine's Day Favorite Things Party Invitation Template

5. Make it your own

Add your own twist to your Favorite Things Party! Turn your Favorite Things Party into a DIY Wine Tasting Party! Have each guest bring their favorite wine or spirit to share with everyone!


Gift Ideas 

To make things a little bit easier, we grouped our favorite items by price for you!


$10 and Under

Room Spray, click here!

4oz Nu Wash, click here!

Scented Oil, click here!

Wax Melts, click here!

Hand Wash, click here!

Lotion, click here!

Wick Dipper, click here!

Auto Fragrance, click here!

Votive, click here!


$10 - $20

11oz Candle, click here!

9oz Jar Candle, click here!

Effusion Lamp Oil, click here!

Hand Wash, click here!

Lotion, click here!


$20 - $30

19oz Candle, click here!

16oz Nu Wash, click here!

12.5oz Ceramic Candle, click here!

Curated Votive Gift Set, click here!


$30 and Up

32oz Nu Wash, click here!

Reed Diffuser, click here! 

19oz Candle, click here!

Gallon Nu Wash, click here!