A Fresh Start to the New Year with Orleans Home Fragrances

Who doesn't love the fresh start that comes with a new year! We love a clean calendar, new goals, and the anticipation of a new year. And while everyone loves the Christmas trees and all the magical holiday decorations, once they come down, many take advantage of the time to declutter, organize and have a fresh start to the year.

For some, this is a fun process. For others, it's a necessarily evil. But either way, Orleans Home Fragrances can help! As you freshen up your home, use our products, and your home will not only be sparkling clean but will also smell amazing!

Several of our fragrances boast that "clean smell" and are perfect for kicking off the new year - Saint, Fine Linens, Angel, and Lemon Verbena are all favorites!

Our Nu Wash fine laundry detergent is designed especially for the care of all washable linens and delicate hand wash items. Indulge your senses and drench your laundry in the lasting freshness of our eight luxurious fragrances. We loved the tip that a customer shared about using Nu Wash to wash their curtains. Not only will your curtains smell fresh, but your entire home will too!

Our Room Spray is also a perfect way to freshen up a room or soft furnishings. One or two quick sprays, and it will smell divine (and might make the mundane task of cleaning just a little less dreadful!).

However you choose to celebrate the fresh start of a new year, we hope it's healthy, happy, and smells extra special with Orleans Home Fragrances!