Beignet Day - The Donut of NOLA

Friday, June 4, is National Donut Day, so we're celebrating the state donut of Louisiana - the beignet!

Beignets (pronounced Ben-YAYs) is Cajun French for "French Donut," and that's just what they are - a kind of donut without the hole. These square-shaped pieces of dough are deep-fried and covered with generous sprinkles of powdered sugar. They're best served hot and are the perfect sweet treat in NOLA - for breakfast, dessert, or a midnight snack!

Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter is the oldest and most iconic beignet shop. For many, it's a NOLA landmark. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it's the perfect stop for a cafe au lait and beignets when visiting the city.

But Cafe du Monde certainly isn't the only place to indulge in this NOLA tradition. Other cafes have put their own spin on this treat, like Loretta's Authentic Pralines (with their praline-filled beignets). You truly could plan a beignet binge with so many amazing stops! Or start planning your next NOLA trip now - Beignet Fest is back this year at the end of September - the perfect excuse to head to the Crescent City!

Since we can't just sit around and eat beignets all day, our Beignet fragrance is the next best thing (and calorie-free)! Light a Beignet Elite Candle and feel like you're hanging out at Cafe du Monde with a tasty treat! You can indulge in the fresh-baked goodness of white and brown sugar, creamy vanilla, and a hint of lemon zest from anywhere with our Elite candles, room spray, or lamp oil. And while you're taste buds might be disappointed, you won't have to worry about ending up covered in powdered sugar!