5 Gift Ideas to Ease Your Holiday-Gift Woes

5 Gift Ideas to Ease Your Holiday-Gift Woes

The holidays are upon us, and that means for most of us, the Christmas-present panic is beginning to set in. The kids are easy, but buying for the adults in our lives? That’s a different story. Between mother-in-laws, friends, coworkers, bosses, it’s a lot to handle—and pretty expensive to boot.

So how can you get the job done without overspending or losing your Christmas cheer? We’ve got just the thing: 5 affordable gifts that are sure to bring peace and joy to everyone on your list!

Orleans Home Fragrance Elite Candle - $30

We’d be crazy not to mention our signature holiday-scented candles, the perfect gift for anyone looking to cozy-up their home this winter...and let’s be honest, who isn’t? Some of our all-time favorite flames, these will encourage your loved ones and friends to unwind and take in all the good tidings this season has to bring. And with festive fragrances like Christmas Passion, Frankincense & Myrrh, Bayou Bonfire, and more, there’s a little something for everyone. And they’re just $30! Click here to shop!

Jar of Matches - $20

Want to jazz up your gift a bit? Add this! Talk about the perfect match...this jar of matches from Sweet Water Decor, a small business based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the cutest compliment to one of our candles. Each jar contains 100 matches either in black or the merriest option, red! But even if your loved one isn’t a candle connoisseur, these rustic, modish jars are a simple way to elevate any room or space. You can find them here.

Handmade Chocolate - $10-$20

If you’re anything like us, your mouth is already watering. But we’re not talking about your average, everyday chocolate, we mean Big Bear Chocolates’ gourmet chocolate-covered oreos (decorated with adorable Christmas penguins) or our personal favorite, their Hot Cocoa Bombs, which come in various flavors including peppermint and the specialty option, Grinch. Your friends and family will love receiving a box of these decadent treats—because who doesn’t love chocolate?

Big Bear Chocolates is family-owned and operated in Spokane Valley, Washington. Orders can be made online on their website or on Etsy, where there are even more delicious, holiday-inspired options!

Bottle of Wine - $19-$29

Gifting a bottle of wine is more than giving a gift. It’s giving an experience that is best shared with others. So, during the time of year when our loved ones are nearest, there really isn’t a more suitable gift or symbol of goodwill. And the kind of wine we have in mind is pretty special, sharing our roots and many of yours: Ole’Orleans Wines. This family-owned winery was started by a NOLA native and resides in New Orleans. Much like our fragrances, Ole’Orleans’s bottles were named after cultural staples (one is even named Gumbeaux!), and their dry and semi-sweet wines are made with nothing less than Louisiana-grown blanc du bois grapes. 

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, just remember: When it comes to wine, there’s no wrapping involved! Order now at oleorleans.com

A Pair of Stockings - $10-20

There’s nothing like a good ole pair of socks or better yet, a new pair! Beyond keeping those toes toasty through cold winter nights, socks are the perfect way to show off holiday spirit—literally. Not to mention, none of us can ever seem to have enough, so they’re a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Our socks of choice are manufactured by zkano, a company as family-owned as it gets in Fort Payne, Alabama. zkano socks are southern-made, environmentally friendly, and super stylish! Check out our favorite festive socks here.

If you’re looking to really light up a loved one’s life this season, pair one of our candles with any or all of the gifts above. And for more fun fragrance pairings, see our scented oil and lotion.

Hopefully this has helped ease some of your holiday gift woes! We wish the happiest of holidays to you and yours!