3 Perfect Gift Guides to Give Yourself the Gift of a Stress-Free Holiday Season!

3 Perfect Gift Guides to Give Yourself the Gift of a Stress-Free Holiday Season!

The holidays are upon us, and that means for most of us, the Christmas-present panic is beginning to set in. When it comes to shopping for your mother-in-law, friends, coworkers, and the cousin that you didn’t know was coming to Christmas this year, it can all become a little overwhelming.

So, what should you get for all of the beloved people in your life who are impossible to buy gifts for? We’ve figured that out for you! We put together 3 gift guides that are sure to help you find the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Check out our Gift Guide for Her, Gift Guide for Him, and The Perfect gift Guide.


Gift Guide for Her

We handpicked the best gifts out there for the woman in your life (even if she’s the woman who has everything)!

Votive Gift Set - The Holiday Collection

Votive Gift Set - The Holiday Collection

We have curated the perfect collection of our favorite holiday fragrances that all pair perfectly together. The Holiday Collection gift set will have Bayou Bonfire, Blue Spruce, Christmas Passion, and Noel votives in our glass votive cups! Shop here!

Jones Road Miracle Balm

This Miracle Balm is a must-have for any woman’s makeup collection! It will instantly give her a refreshed no-makeup makeup look. The Miracle Balm will become her new favorite thing to put on every morning! Shop here!

Nu Wash

Our Nu Wash is an amazing gift to receive! It gives towels, linens, and clothes an intoxicating scent that stays for weeks! Not everyone thinks that they need fine laundry detergent, but we promise you they won’t think that after they open your gift! Shop here!

Millie Mae Earrings

Get her hooked on a new brand! The Millie Mae Collection is a brand that she might not have heard of before but will be one of her favorites now. The earrings on this site truly are a statement piece that will make her stand out in any room! Shop here!

Paradise Manor

Paradise Manor is the perfect fragrance for the woman who spends the entire winter wishing it was summer! The notes of Tropical Grapefruit and Black Currant sweetened with Raspberry Crystals, and based with Orris and Marine will transport her directly to the beach! Shop here!

Kitsch Heatless Curlers & Shower Cap

Give the gift of beautiful curly hair without the damage! Heatless curlers and a shower cap are essential items for any woman who does her hair every day. Curling and washing your hair every day can have detrimental effects. These two gifts will make her happy on Christmas and for years to come! Shop heatless curlers and shower caps!

Creme Brulee

Our Creme Brulee fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves anything sweet! A delectable treat of heavy cream, vanilla bean, and toasted sugar will fill their home and trick everyone into thinking that they are a gourmet baker! Shop here!

Fuzzy Birkenstock Sandals

There is not a woman in the world who wouldn’t want these fuzzy Birkenstocks! These sandals are so soft that they’re practically slippers! Shop here!

Lockwood Hibiscus Vodka

There are lots of flavored vodkas out there, but none hit the mark like this one! This vodka tastes great in a Moscow Mule but also holds its own when mixed with a simple lemonade. On top of all of that, it’s pink! Shop here!


Gift Guide for Him

From cushy auto accessories to the perfect hat, these gifts are big, bold, useful, and guaranteed to hit the mark!

Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille is the perfect fragrance for any man in your life! The rich essence of tobacco leaves and vanilla with nuances of cinnamon, coconut, and musk combine to fill the room with a scent that any man would love! Shop here!

Coffee Tasting Glasses

Fellow’s coffee tasting glasses are perfect for the coffee connoisseur, these glasses are designed to draw the contents to your entire palate so you can taste the full spectrum of flavors. Shop here!

Bourbon Street

Bourbon street is one of our top sellers! A smooth blend of Bergamot and Italian Mandarin with Tuberose, Transparent Amber, and Benzoin. Base notes of Bourbon Vanilla, Oak Wood, and Exotic Musk create a delicious gift! Shop here!

Melin Hat

Melin hats are beautifully designed caps for the men on your list! These hats all have a sleek and waterproof design that any man would love. Shop here!


Noel is the gift! With a premium blend of fir needle and bay leaves intermingled with clove, vanilla, and amber, it is the holiday fragrance that he’ll want to burn all year round! Shop here!

Tecovas Boots

Each pair of Tecovas Boots are sure to feel unique and become an everyday favorite for any man on your list! Shop here!

Auto Fragrance

If the man that you’re shopping for is always driving from one place to another, our Auto Fragrance is perfect for him! It’ll allow him to take the fragrances he loves at home on the road with him! Shop here!

Phone Mount

Another perfect gift for the man that’s always on the go is a phone mount! Our pick is the Course Motorsports phone mount. Shop here!

Single Malt & Bourbon Toothpicks

Let us introduce you to a unique stocking stuffer! Daneson’s toothpicks are flavored with all-natural ingredients, which will leave him refreshed after every meal! Shop here!


The Perfect Gift Guide

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Keep reading, we promise we’ve picked out something for everyone!

Room Spray

Besides one of our Elite Candles, our Room Spray is one of the most versatile gifts! Use it to scent your room, car, linens, and soft furnishings. Shop here!

Warming Coffee Mug

We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love a warming coffee mug! This mug is made to electronically heat up your coffee so that no matter how long it’s been out on your desk, counter, or just out of your mind, it will always be hot and fresh! Shop here!

Orleans No. 9

This is the crème de la crème of Orleans Home Fragrances! Orleans No. 9 is our all-time best seller! Absolutely everyone loves it, and you can’t go wrong with any of our products in this fragrance! Shop here!

Weighted Blanket

Does the person who you’re shopping for love to cozy up on the couch or in bed? We’re going to assume the answer to that is yes! A weighted blanket is the gift that can’t miss! Shop here!


Give the gift of an intoxicating blend of vanilla bean, coconut milk, white jasmine, and patchouli from one of our top-selling fragrances, Angel! Shop here!

Always Pan

This gift is perfect for your friends and family if they ever step foot in a kitchen. The Always Pan can be used for everything. It’s in the name, always! It was designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, so you only ever need one pan! Shop here!

Wax Melts

Our Wax Melts make a great stocking stuffer and are the perfect addition to any gift box! Give this gift to any of your friends so that they can fill their home with their favorite fragrance all day long! Shop here!

Wax Melter

If you’re already gifting wax melts… why not complete the set and add a wax melter along with it! Shop here!

Pizza Stone

Our last pick is a pizza stone! A pizza stone is a kitchen essential. They’ll be able to have brick oven quality pizza at home any day of the week!  Shop here!